A study carried out by the brand Clearblue, which has had the participation of 1,500 women aged between 20 and 50, from all over Spain, has revealed the aspects they value in their partner and the attitude that they adopt when considering having a son. 'The ideal father', as the study has been called, shows that one in five women who make the decision to be a mother, look at their partner in another way, and almost half admit to having inquired if it would be a good father; in fact, 10 percent of Spaniards have changed partners because they considered that they did not meet the appropriate requirements to be a father.

And what are those requirements according to women? Well, it seems that enjoying a good economic position is very important for the majority - 81 percent of the respondents - who also prefer that the future father be passionate with them (57 percent) and be committed to the paternity (68 percent), while only one in four takes into account aspects such as physical attractiveness, and just over thirty percent value their involvement in domestic tasks above all. In addition, about half of Spanish women say they coincide with their mothers in the profile of the man they want as the father of their children

What do men think?

The survey reveals that men are aware of what women want when they want to be mothers and, as in Hugh Grant's film 'A Big Boy', many (almost 50 percent) acknowledge that they have resorted to showing themselves as' ideal father 'to try to flirt. 77 percent of men are clear that women consider their economic position very important, and almost seven out of ten know that they must prioritize passion and care for their children, although they believe that they have to be similarly involved in the housework.

The Spanish prefer that the future dad enjoy a good economic position, be passionate, and be committed to fatherhood

Also most admit to having improved after knowing that they will have a child, and that their partner noticed the change because, in addition to being excited about the news, they became more affectionate, and became more involved in home care and in acquiring everything necessary for baby.

Regarding fertility problems, both sexes show their concern and willingness to find solutions, and the most used means to solve them are to go to a medical professional (as declared by 38 percent of those consulted), and to use ovulation test (25 percent) to know what are the best days to try to get pregnant.

Daddy Issues (November 2019).