Faster, higher, stronger ", is the Olympic motto under which all athletes try to improve each year in search of medals and better brands. But according to a study by the New Zealand Institute of Sports Performance Research at the University of Technology in Auckland (New Zealand) perhaps the motto should add "more wind, more altitude". And, this work ensures that environmental factors are decisive when it comes to breaking records.

More specifically, the work of the New Zealanders has taken as a basis the trademarks registered by the well-known Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt. In this way, his times were compared in the Beijing Olympics, four years ago - when he made his first world record, running the 100 meters in just 9.69 seconds - with which he made in the world athletics held in the German capital one year later, when he ran the same distance in 9.58 seconds.

A wind in favor of two meters per second could reduce the time of a sprinter from 0.07 to 0.09 seconds in the 100 meters

In addition, environmental factors that could have had an influence on these brands were taken into account, apart from the training, talent and physical and psychological qualities that Bolt treasured at that time. Among these factors, it was assessed whether the test was performed indoors or outdoors, the altitude relative to the sea where the track was located, the responsibility or recognition of the competition and the chronometer with which the time was measured. Well, after taking into account these vicissitudes, it was concluded that the main difference between the first time and the second was in the wind. Thus, while in the test that ran in the Olympics in China there was no noticeable wind, in the German championships there was a wind in favor of 0.9 meters per second.

This response caused the researchers to get down to work and analyze more than 40,000 results from just over 600 different athletes. The conclusions were that a wind in favor of two meters per second - maximum speed from which the times of the athletes are invalidated - could reduce the time of a sprinter from 0.07 to 0.09 seconds in the 100 meters smooth.

The other factor that can improve the brands of the sprinters is the altitude, since it seems how much higher it is faster you can run in short distances. This is because the air resistance is lower. The opposite occurs in distance distances, where the analyzed times were lower in the tests with more altitude, among other things because a higher altitude reduces the oxygen and consequently the aerobic power of the athlete.

For all this, these experts believe that running with a wind speed of 2 meters per second and an altitude of 999 meters, Bolt himself could pulverize his world record, leaving it in 9.48 seconds.

200m World Record Evolution (November 2019).