The eye bags, those grayish or purple, unsightly colorations that appear in the lower eyelid of the eye, are they the product of a mechanism of the organism? A simple reaction without apparent cause? What really is its origin?

Many people, both men and women, suffer from dark circles even when they are not kept awake or exhausted. In order to treat dark circles it is important to know the origin or cause.

They are located under the eyes and since the skin of that place is very thin, the veins are transparent under the skin. The dark circles are due to several reasons, but the most important is for hereditary reasons. Another cause or origin is the race, since there are some that tend to develop them more, like the Mediterranean, because the pigmentation of the skin is different.

Most people relate to lack of sleep, which may be a reason, since fatigue causes blood vessels to dilate, showing a bluish color that stands out with the rest of the skin. This type of dark circles are of short duration, unlike the previous ones that can last a long time.

Smoking, hormonal changes (pregnancy, menstruation), allergies and eczema are some of the causes that can cause the appearance of dark circles. As recommendations to avoid the sporadic appearance of dark circles you should follow:

  • A healthy diet.
  • Sleep the necessary hours.
  • Maintain a good hydration.
  • Do not smoke, or drink alcohol or caffeine.

And if you have already suffered for a long time, in this interview Dr. José González Vidal, eye plastic surgeon, explains what you can do to make them disappear.

What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes? | Ask the Doctor (November 2019).