Force cough during a cervical biopsy It is as effective as an injection of local lidocaine anesthesia to alleviate the pain experienced during this type of gynecological test in a fast and economical way.

So says a study published in the magazine American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, carried out in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Vienna (Austria). Up to 68 women were subjected during this investigation to a cervical biopsy to evaluate abnormal Pap results, also called Pap test or Pap smear, a way to analyze the cells that are collected from the cervix.

After choosing a criterion at random, some women received an injection of lidocaine (one of the less toxic local anesthetics), while others forced the cough right at the time of the biopsy. Researchers found that coughing is a good method to achieve pain relief in minor interventions, while also saving time and reducing costs.

Cervical biopsy

Cervical biopsy, also called cervical biopsy, is a test in which samples of the uterus are obtained, to later study them for cancer cells or other problems. That is, its purpose is to detect the existence of cervical cancer or abnormal cell changes that could become malignant. You can also find non-cancerous conditions, such as infections and inflammation.

The biopsy can feel like a puncture every time a sample of tissue is taken, and may produce a cramping sensation after it. Vaginal bleeding may occur up to a week after the test, and it is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse or the use of tampons to allow the cervix to heal.

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