Given the near panic that is causing the effects of nuclear radiation in Japan in countries of the Pacific coast, especially in some US states, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been forced to discourage people concerned about these effects "that self-medicate with potassium iodide or other iodine-containing products" to protect themselves from radioactive leaks because "you should only take potassium iodide when a public health recommendation has been clearly formulated in that sense".

Potassium iodide pills are products that are administered in the event of a nuclear accident to saturate the thyroid gland and prevent the fixation of radioactive iodine. If taken before or shortly after irradiation, the long-term risk of cancer can be reduced. However, the WHO points out, these pills "are not antidotes against radiation", since "they do not protect against external radiation or against radioactive substances other than radioactive iodine." And we must clarify that iodine is not the only thing that is reached in the atmosphere after the successive explosions in the nuclear reactors of Fukushima.

Experts warn that this type of products can cause complications in pregnant women and patients with kidney disorders. "Pregnant women should take potassium iodide tablets only when directed by the competent authorities, because the pregnant women's thyroid accumulates radioactive iodine more quickly than other adults and because the fetus's thyroid also becomes blocked when the mother ingests these pills. ", They have indicated.

The WHO says that, given that the amount of radiation released so far is "quite limited," the risks to public health "are small." In addition, he points out that, in the areas located more than 20 kilometers from the Daiichi and Daiini reactors of Fukushima, "the risk to the health of the people was not increased when they were there at the time of the explosion or that they planned to go to those zones now. "

"The evaluation could be modified if new incidents are registered in the plant and the health consequences will depend on the exposure. In turn, the exposure depends on the amount of radiation released, the weather conditions at the time of exposure, the distance to one of the power plant, and the time spent in the irradiated areas, "they conclude.


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