UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) has commissioned a report on the state of childbirth care in the world. Up to 30 different organizations -OMS included- have elaborated surveys in 58 countries that bring together, with less than 60% of the world's births, no less than 91% of maternal deaths. The objective and conclusion is to remind the states that they must invest in improving the skills of midwives in order to try to reduce the high percentage still existing of maternal and infant mortality and stop the proliferation of AIDS in the poorest countries. .

At least six midwives per thousand births are needed to cover the needs of pregnant women in a country and avoid major complications

The data are hopeless: annually, more than 350,000 mothers and more than three and a half million newborns die of complications during pregnancy, delivery or postpartum that could be prevented. Most of these deaths occur in less developed countries, where women, without resources or socially marginalized, do not have access to health services or specialized care, such as midwives or similar personnel.

The report has a special impact on improving access to midwives and increasing the quality of their services, since this type of professionals can not only offer their specialized knowledge in these communities, but can also connect the parturients with the services of emergencies in obstetrics, if they needed it.

In addition, it provides a figure: six midwives per thousand births, as the minimum necessary to cover the needs of pregnant women and avoid these complications. In at least 38 countries, most of them African, they would need to multiply the number of midwives who officiate in their centers.


Introduction to Midwifery Skills Course (November 2019).