The hands they are a fundamental part in the image we offer to others, and to keep them beautiful and healthy it is important to dedicate specific care to them. A part of them that often goes unnoticed are the cuticles, that are in the union between the nail and the finger; However, you should not overlook them, as they are key in the nail protection.

The cuticles are formed by a layer of cells that protect the birth of the nail from external agents, such as water and various organisms, thus preventing possible infections. Its size depends on each person, and although it is normal that they are hardly noticeable, there are people who develop a lot of cuticle, what they find annoying and unsightly.

Should the cuticles be cut?

Anatomy of the nail

There is a lot of controversy about whether cuticles should be cut or not. If you have ever done a manicure to a specialized establishment, they may have chosen to take it off, as they do so that the enameling and, in general, the appearance of the nails, is cleaner and more aesthetic.

However, showing beautiful hands is not at odds with having them healthy and avoiding risks. Javier Pedraz, dermatologist at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid, recommends do not cut the cuticles, because this merely aesthetic gesture can cause infections that, although they are not very serious, can be quite annoying. Of course, that means not biting them.

Dr. Pedraz warns that if we choose to remove the cuticles we can suffer paronychias, which are the infections that form on the skin of the area around the nails, also known as uñeros. You can also see the step parents, those raised skins that tend to get hooked with clothes and that can become very painful.