Abusing video games and staying a long time in closed spaces, as explained by Dr. Rosa Borges, specialist of the Eurocanarias Oftalmológica Clinic, prevents children from correctly developing sight from afar, thus reducing their field of vision and favoring the appearance of pathologies such as myopia.

Humans develop sight from birth to age six or eight, so if the little ones do not have the opportunity to play outdoors, they will not acquire the ability to see from afar.


While adults mainly use sight, children use all their senses instinctively (hearing, touch, sight, smell and taste) to explore the environment. The youngest ones have a natural predisposition to learning and they only need to be guided to become aware of how relevant and pleasant it will be for them to have contact with nature.

The ophthalmologist of the Eurocanarias Clinic warns that children need contact with nature to know their environment, so try to lock them in 'bubbles' to try to protect them, as well as excessive hygiene, is counterproductive for them.

Making Games Better for Gamers with Colourblindness & Low Vision | Designing for Disability (November 2019).