Specialists gathered in the Scientific Session "Hepatitis A. Epidemiological, clinical, evolutionary and preventive aspects", which was held at HM Universitario Sanchinarro, Madrid, have indicated the convenience of using immunotherapy with the aim of eradicating hepatitis A, taking in account that the only reservoir of the virus that causes this disease is the human being, and that the vaccine is quite accessible and its protective effect lasts for 25 years or more.

Extreme hygiene is also vital to prevent the spread of infection. The Dr. José García-Sicilia, coordinator with Primary Care of the University Hospital La Paz, highlighted that, in our country, this disease has increased its incidence in the last ten years, and has gone from 2.46 to 5.28 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, mainly as a consequence of the arrival of people from endemic areas, as well as the tendency of the population to make exotic trips that include countries at risk; Therefore, experts insist on the importance of learning about the characteristics of the tourist destination, as well as taking appropriate prophylactic measures to avoid all kinds of infections.

The experts gathered in the Session agreed to highlight the efficacy and tolerability of vaccines against hepatitis A

Dr. García-Sicilia is in favor of vaccinating children of immigrants because, although they were born in Spain, it is common for both they and their parents to travel frequently to their countries of origin, which is a risk factor for contract the infection if it is considered endemic areas. In fact, as the specialist points out, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the vaccination of all people who may be in contact with individuals coming from endemic areas.

The experts gathered during the session agreed on the efficacy and tolerability of the vaccine against hepatitis A, which immunizes 97-98% of the vaccinated, extending this benefit to the rest of the population, and has few side effects that, in any case, they are not serious and are passengers.

Source: HM Hospitals

June 2017 ACIP Meeting - Hepatitis Vaccines (November 2019).