A new study has revealed that pregnant women who are vaccinated against the flu during the period when this virus is circulating, they present a lower risk of give birth babies with under weight.

The authors of the study, a group of researchers from various centers in the United States and Bangladesh, point out that if their conclusions are confirmed with new studies, it would be convenient to incorporate this prophylactic measure into the pregnancy control programs because of the benefits that this implies for the developing fetus achieve an adequate weight, which would prevent it from suffering health disorders associated with low birth weight.

The weight of the children of the pregnant women vaccinated against the flu exceeded by 200 grams, on average, that of the control group

The research involved 340 healthy pregnant women in Bangladesh, who were given either the flu vaccine, or the pneumococcal vaccine (control group), in their third trimester of pregnancy, to subsequently check the babies' weight , comparing that of those born in a period in which the flu virus was circulating, with those born when the circulation of the virus was scarce.

Taking into account the gestational age of the babies, 25.9 percent of those whose mothers had been vaccinated against the flu when the virus was in circulation were born with low weight compared to 44.8 percent of the babies whose mothers had not received this vaccine. The weight of the children of pregnant women vaccinated against influenza exceeded by 200 grams, on average, that of the control group and, in addition, there were also fewer premature births among those who had been immunized.

This investigation, whose conclusions have been published in Canadian Medical Association Journal, is part of the project Mother'sGift, from Bangladesh, which aims to test the effectiveness and safety of vaccinating pregnant women against influenza and pneumococcus, and the data indicate that avoiding seasonal influenza infection in pregnant women positively influences the weight that their babies will have at birth.

Influenza Vaccination Recommendations 2016-2017 (November 2019).