October 31 is celebrated Halloween, and there are many who dress up to celebrate this party. To improve the authenticity of the costumes, in addition to makeup, you can use other accessories, such as cosmetic lenses, which can be purchased through the Internet, and also in non-specialized establishments such as bazaars or beauty centers. For this reason, the specialists of the General Council of Opticians and Optometrists Schools have warned that to use fantasy contact lenses that do not have sanitary guarantees can be harmful to the eyes.

The fantasy lenses that do not comply with the adequate sanitary guarantees can cause dryness, irritation, conjunctivitis and allergic reactions, among other disorders

The problem with cosmetic lenses that are acquired in non-specialized establishments, is that they are not subject to sanitary guarantees, and the user does not have the advice of a professional. According to experts, although these lenses are worn for a short time - usually for a few hours - they can cause dryness, irritation, redness, and even pain. Other more serious disorders that can be derived from its use are: conjunctivitis, allergic reactions, inflammation of the cornea, eye infections, and so on.

As Juan Carlos Martínez Moral, president of the Council, explains, the contact lenses must be adapted to the eye of each person, according to individual characteristics, such as the state of the eyes, the patient's health, or the measurement of the cornea, which must be evaluated. by an optical-optometrist, so there is no contact lens that works for everyone.

In addition, it is of vital importance that the user of contact lenses follow guidelines for cleaning and handling these products, to reduce the possible risks of infection, and should not use the lenses for more hours than recommended by the specialist.

Decorative and cosmetic contact lenses, Halloween contacts - A State of Sight #47 (November 2019).