Christmas brings with it meetings with family and friends, social commitments and purchases that, in most cases, lead to abuse of food and drink, and cause extraordinary expenses and a great waste of energy. These excesses can end up taking their toll. Pains, burning and heaviness of the stomach, and even vomiting, are some of the disorders that can be suffered.

In addition to the temporary discomfort they cause, do not forget that they can also lead to more serious problems that end up damaging health. Hence the 25% increase in emergencies and hospital admissions, mainly due to increased blood pressure, poor control of diabetes, episodes of gout, or disorders of the digestive system such as gastritis, gastroenteritis, reflux ...

In addition, in the Christmas or New Year's feast they get to consume from 2000 to 3000 Kcal, the equivalent to almost two days of normal diet, which can have as a consequence a weight gain of two kilos, as experts say. European Medical Institute of Obesity (IMEO).

Recommendations of the experts

Doctors advise the chronically ill, who may be more affected by excesses, who are aware of the limitations of their illness, and eat and drink in moderation.

They also recommend the whole population to stay active during the Christmas holidays, and take advantage of the leisure time to go hiking with family to the mountain, walk in the park, ride a bicycle, play with the children outdoors ...

In this time, the abuse of food is as typical as the excesses in the consumption of alcohol

The doctor in biology and specialist in nutrition and obesity of the IMEO, Alicia Gordillo, assures that a very frequent error at this time is to remain almost fasting during the whole day to compensate the excess that we will make at dinner, and this causes us to reach the celebration with too much appetite and that costs us more to control the quantities that we eat. In addition, the lower the level of sugar in the blood, the greater the absorption and caloric intake of food. Therefore, the expert advises that the usual meals be made throughout the day, to avoid sitting at the dinner table with an excessive hunger.

From the Spanish Federation of Spirit Drinks (FEBE) advocate responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages, and recommend drinking slowly, learn to know personal limits, and alternate alcoholic beverages with those that do not contain alcohol.

It is important to take care of both the body and the mind, as Christmas parties can cause stress to many people

Francisco Rodríguez Santos, neuropsychologist and professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, recommends that during the family and social gatherings those issues that may generate tension or raise controversy be avoided.

If emotional stress and sadness have their origin in the loss of a loved one, it is better not to force yourself to hold any celebration and not try to mask feelings.

The interruption of the daily life habits that these holidays suppose can cause slight health disorders, which can be easily solved by preventing them from causing more serious damage. It is possible to enjoy the Christmas season without neglecting health.

Aged Care Assessment Program (November 2019).