Before acquiring a bird as a pet, it is always advisable to remember that the ideal is to visit an animal shelter in order to help; either those animals that have been abandoned, or those that their caregivers can no longer attend to. If we are convinced of wanting acquire an Australian budgie and we opted for the purchase, it is advisable to go to a specialized breeder who can give us both the appropriate information and a guarantee after the purchase of the copy.

Juan Carlos Uria reminds us, breeder of this type of birds, that before buying a parakeet we should know that it is not a toy, but it is a living being and, as such, will require us time to take care of it. And it makes us some appreciations that it is well to take into account before getting us a copy for our home:

  • Locate a reference aviary, that has all the necessary legal permits and inform us properly about the animal.
  • We can consult in a group or forum in the network, like the one offered by the Spanish Association of Parakeet Breeders. Through them we can find information about breeders, but also about care, characteristics, questions or queries about these beautiful birds.
  • Once in the aviary, we must observe that the animal is not sick: its behavior must be vivacious, it must have all its feathers, especially those of the wings, that does not present a crust for the beak or for the legs, and that it does not have signs of diarrhea.
  • At home we must have prepared cages or rectangular flyers prepared for their arrival, and better if they are located in an area in the Do not be too cold; it is preferable that the bars of the cage be placed horizontally so that the birds can hold on.
  • The Australian budgie cages they must be broad, allowing them to give short flights and exercise. This is important to avoid health problems due to lack of exercise. The use of round cages and mirrors should be avoided; although it may be interesting to arrange specific toys for birds in the cage or flyer.
  • Finally, it is important to have suitable feeders and drinkers for the parakeet.

Tips on Buying Budgies - How to Choose a Healthy Budgie Pair (September 2019).