There are some who see badly from afar, others who do not manage to focus closely, cataracts, myopia, color blindness ... which does not happen to one thing happens another. And it is that, you only have to look at some of the data provided by Clínicas Baviera: one in two Spaniards has a visual defect, 32% of the population is short-sighted, 60% has astigmatism and 30% is hypermetropic . There is nothing.

The problem also comes a little from the little given that we Spaniards are to go through the opto-optician to review our vision. In fact, 30% of Spaniards who wear glasses (around 24 million people in Spain use some system of vision correction, such as glasses, contact lenses or both) have their glasses poorly graded, according to a study Medical Department of the Baviera Clinic. "Poorly graded lenses can cause headaches, frustration, irritation and visual fatigue that can lead to distractions in driving and poor performance at work," says Dr. Fernando Llovet, Medical Director of Clínica Baviera.

"In children, the problem is even more serious, because we can compromise the visual quality during the rest of their lives. The visual system of minors is in formation and glasses that do not correspond to their real ailment can cause development problems, "says Dr. Llovet.

To try to alleviate these deficiencies, and coinciding with the celebration of the I National Week of Visual Health, the 42 centers of Bavaria in Spain will offer free reviews between April 4 and 8. You should only make an appointment at your nearest center. The review will consist of an ocular evaluation that will measure visual acuity, intraocular pressure, objective and subjective refraction and binocular vision, and aims to detect possible ophthalmological alterations. Take advantage, it's free, your eyes will thank you.

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