30% of Spaniards have taken homeopathic medicines at some time, according to Gualberto Díaz, family doctor and homeopath, during the '6th Andalusian Congress of Family Doctors SEMERGEN-Andalucía', held the last weekend of May in Punta Umbria.

According to Dr. Diaz, in Spain around 10,000 doctors of various specialties, including pediatrics and family medicine, usually use homeopathy.

This expert recognizes that this method, which serves as a support to the traditional one, raises controversy, but that it is progressively gaining acceptance in scientific circles. He also states that homeopathic medicines have a great advantage because they hardly have side effects or adverse reactions, which has been proven in studies conducted with patients who have followed these treatments, to the point that their safety makes them suitable for pregnant women or during lactation, as well as for children or patients who are taking other drugs.

According to Díaz, homeopathic medicines, in addition to being able to be taken alongside traditional ones, for not causing interactions, often serve to complement conventional treatment.

The director of the Otorhinolaryngology Unit of the Riotinto Hospital, Dr. María Agustina Sevilla, has also explained the possibilities offered by these drugs to treat some pathologies, and points out that they could be an effective alternative in certain conditions, such as otological disorders.


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