Soon the XIV edition of the European Championship will be held, specifically between June 8 and July 1, and this year the sports competition will take place in Ukraine and Poland. On the occasion of the event, the Spanish health authorities wanted to recall the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the need to be vaccinated and take appropriate precautions to avoid the spread of diseases that, like measles, have registered new outbreaks in these countries recently.

In Ukraine, vaccination coverage is low, which facilitates the spread of contagious diseases

In fact, it has been more than a month since the French Foreign Ministry warned citizens that they intended to attend the European Championship to be vaccinated against measles, because in Ukraine, only this year, more than five thousand new cases of this disease. The problem is that in this country vaccination coverage is scarce, which facilitates the spread of contagious diseases. According to the European Epidemic Control Center, there could also be a risk of mumps, rubella and diphtheria transmission.

Although in Poland until the end of 2011 a number of cases of measles similar to 2010 were detected, people who are not fully immunized against this disease run the risk of contracting it if they travel to places where vaccination coverage is insufficient.

Therefore, all those who intend to travel to these countries, and who have no record of having suffered measles, or have been immunized, are advised to consult their doctor about the need to be vaccinated, which should be assessed taking Consider your age and the possibility of medical contraindications.

Spanish health authorities also recommend flu vaccine to travelers who are in risk groups, such as pregnant women, the elderly, and those suffering from chronic diseases or immunodeficiencies.

With regard to the vaccine against encephalitis transmitted by ticks, the same sources have indicated that it is not necessary because there is no risk of transmission in the cities where football matches of the European Championship will be held.

Source: Ministry of Health

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