The Technological Textile Institute (AITEX) and the Mediterranean Dermatological Institute (IDM) have developed a natural fabric made of algae, bamboo and silver ions that gives the garments antimicrobial, bactericidal and fungicidal properties that prevent and help eliminate smells and infections of the female intimate area, and that has demonstrated "its effectiveness" as a regulating element of the vaginal flora.

Thus, silver compounds have a high biocidal action that contributes to the article a series of advantages since it reduces the amount of fungi, protozoa and bacteria, preventing the bad odor (that largely comes from bacteria), and acts as a thermoregulator , because it takes advantage of the thermal conductivity of silver to regulate body temperature in any situation. Bamboo fibers, on the other hand, give the fabric, developed after almost a year of research, a softness and comfort superior to cotton, maintaining its hydrophilic power.

Vaginal infections can be caused by different microorganisms that proliferate when a series of appropriate conditions occur inside the vagina. This abnormal growth of microorganisms, produces metabolic waste (vaginal discharge), inflammation and irritation of the walls of the vagina (vaginitis).

According to data referred by various medical associations and institutions related to health, most women will suffer a vaginal infection at least once in their life. The excess of intimate hygiene, and even the use of inadequate soaps, which irritate, dry and alter the pH of the vagina, contribute to the creation of an ideal environment for the proliferation of microorganisms that will cause an infection. Dermoprotective underwear acts as a natural barrier against any outbreak of external infection, reducing bacteria and microorganisms in the intimate area thanks to its bactericidal effect (silver ions).

Proven efficiency

Aitex has participated in the research of the new tissue in an active way, and its laboratories have validated through standardized tests the dermoprotective properties of these garments, which have been successfully tested and have allowed the Dermatex Intima fabric "to stand out for its dermoprotective characteristics, and its antimicrobial and bactericidal effects ".

For its part, the Mediterranean Dermatological Institute has tested this new tissue in several groups of women under the supervision of Dr. Rafael Ibáñez Ramón, demonstrating its effectiveness, both in the prevention of infection and in the decrease of it in those who suffer from it. . The fabrics have been used for making intimate garments that are available for sale in pharmacies.

Source: Europa Press

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