A new variety of marijuana It contains only 1% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - its main active ingredient - could be used to relieve the symptoms of cancer patients or multiple sclerosis, without causing the side effects of this drug. It is a product designed for medicinal use, which makes it possible to take advantage of the medical properties of cannabidiol - the main medicinal component of cannabis - without causing psychoactive effects to patients.

The new substance, called Avidekel, has been developed by the company Tikun OLAM, established in Israel, where it is prohibited to consume marijuana for recreational purposes although the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes is allowed.

The new marijuana is cultivated in plantations authorized by the Israeli government and is only supplied under medical prescription

Scientists have long known and accepted the medicinal properties of marijuana, which is already used to combat nausea caused by chemotherapy treatments, or to relieve the muscular discomfort caused by multiple sclerosis.

The new product, from which two different versions have been developed (Avidekel and Rafael), which are grown in plantations authorized by the Israeli government - and monitored - and are only supplied under medical prescription, has already been used by thousands of people in the country. Hebrew country.

Ruth Gallily, one of the researchers working in the marketing company, explained that this variety of marijuana has also shown a great anti-inflammatory capacity in the experiments they have done with mice.

The Health Effects of Marijuana - Expert Q&A (November 2019).