Miriam González Izal, telecommunication engineer, has designed in her doctoral thesis, 'Muscle fatigue estimation using sEMG recordings', a model that associates the surface electromyography signals (which are registered with electrodes located on the skin) and the reduction of the muscle power that occurs as a result of fatigue.

When we perform physical exercise, muscle fatigue results in a decrease in power, which can be measured thanks to the electromyograph, a device that records the electrical activity produced by muscles.

González Izal explains that it is difficult to measure fatigue, because it is a subjective sensation that appears with different intensity when performing daily activities, and that is why it is common to use loss of strength or power to evaluate muscle fatigue objectively. .

He has pointed out, however, that in certain physical activities, such as walking, it is still difficult to calculate the power decrease. Thanks to her research, the author has managed to associate the electromyography signal with the lack of power, so that it is possible to determine fatigue in practically any circumstance or during the practice of any type of physical exercise.

If we can measure fatigue, we can find a way to reduce it, and thus exercise longer or more intensely

The thesis was developed in conjunction with the Center for Sports Studies, Research and Medicine of the Navarrese government, where different kinds of exercises were performed to cause muscle fatigue, which served to record the electrical activity of the muscles. Several mathematical calculations were then carried out to analyze the relationship between the annotated electromyographic signals and the decrease in muscle power as a result of fatigue.

This work allows fatigue to be measured indirectly, without the need to use other more invasive techniques, such as drawing blood or extracting a muscle sample.

The author points out that the possibility of calculating fatigue allows us to foresee its appearance and avoid its negative consequences, and is that if we manage to measure fatigue, we can find a way to reduce it, and thus be more time exercising or doing it with greater intensity.


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