A pajama made with a special fabric, able to identify thermal variations in the skin, has shown that it is effective in detecting whether a patient has a fever.

Thanks to its thermosensitive fabric, the new garment can detect when a person's temperature rises, and allows health professionals to check if the patient has a fever thanks to a system by which the lapel of the pajama jacket changes color. What the tissue detects, in reality, is an increase in temperature, but it does not have the capacity to indicate how many degrees, so it will be necessary to continue using the traditional thermometer.

"The pajama wears a tape, in contact with the neck of the patient, which changes color if it detects an increase in temperature"

The pajama incorporates a ribbon that is in contact with the patient's neck, and changes its color, from blue to white, when it detects the increase in temperature. This ingenious system immediately alerts the health or companions of the patient, and allows you to act quickly before a symptom-fever-which may be a sign of a greater problem.

The smart pajama is the result of a project funded by the European Social Fund, which has been developed by the Textile Technology Institute of Alicante, and has been successfully tested in La Fe hospital in Valencia, so it is ready to be distributed in hospital centers.

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