The chronic pain It is very common in patients with one or several chronic pathologies -especially in elderly people-, has a high impact on the quality of life of the population, and generates great costs to the national health systems of European countries.

To achieve a healthy and active aging it is essential that chronic pain is properly treated, and from the international and multidisciplinary platform SIP (Social Impact of Pain), which has recently held in Copenhagen (Denmark) the III European Symposium (SIP 2012) on In this regard, they argue that the EU's governmental institutions and the governments of the Member States recognize chronic pain as a disease in itself, given its prevalence and the incapacity it entails.

Only in Denmark, experts calculate that one million working days are lost every year due to chronic pain

The loss of productivity associated with chronic pain has serious economic consequences, since some studies reveal that it is seven times more likely that a person applies for a sick leave if he also has chronic pain problems. Thus, only in Denmark, experts calculate that every year one million working days are lost due to chronic pain.

Regardless of the economic damage, millions of people in Europe coexist with a chronic pain that interferes in all areas of their lives and that, despite this, is still considered a disease. For this reason, from various initiatives, such as the SinDOLOR Platform in Spain, the aim is to direct the attention of society towards this serious health problem, in addition to protecting the right not to suffer of all patients, and more than 160 organizations International organizations have supported the scientific objectives of the 2012 SIP.

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