After the severe cases of cholera in Haiti that have been occurring since the 2010 earthquake until the last weeks in the devastated Central American country, it seems that this disease has no barriers. In recent days, there have been up to 37 cases of cholera in Venezuela and 35 in Côte d'Ivoire.

The cholera situation in Venezuela

Regarding the South American country, the Minister of Health, Eugenia Sader has declared that the focus of the infection could be a macro party that took place in Santo Domingo where more than 450 Venezuelans attended. In this way, it is also explained that there have been cases of affected Venezuelans in the US, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Madrid, where two affected have been counted.

Although the detected patients seem to be under control and already in treatment, the authorities have deployed a preventive and informative sanitary device in the country's ports and airports.

Seven dead in Ivory Coast

On the other hand, UNICEF has sounded the alarm after verifying that there has been an outbreak of cholera in Abidjan, one of the main cities of the Ivory Coast. Despite the fact that tablets have already been distributed for their treatment and informative posters to promote hygiene measures in schools, the cases have already risen to 35, and seven deaths have been recorded as a result of the infection.

The authorities have asked to act as quickly and effectively as possible, since cholera is a preventable disease if they take appropriate measures. On the other hand, as we can read in Europa Press, UNICEF remembers that cholera causes cases of acute diarrhea and can cause death in a matter of hours. However, more than 80 percent of patients can be treated successfully thanks to the administration of rehydration salts that cost less than ten cents per treatment.

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