As a child, who has not been told: "Those little spots of the nail they come out of lack of calcium "? Or even sprouting for every sin or lie of the child. Well, from this mystery that white specks are written a lot has been written, but not all is true. Here is the true answer:

Medical professionals call it leuconychia punctata, and its appearance is due to the disposition of keratin due to tiny ruptures that occur at the base of the nails, which favors the formation of small air pockets.

The keratin It is a fibrous and insoluble protein. It is the main constituent of hair and nails. Therefore, they appear when they suffer strokes at the tips of the fingers without noticing it. As the nail grows they will move towards the end until disappearing. This way you can partially believe that when you follow a diet deficit stains may appear, but not by the diet itself, but because the nails are weaker and when those tiny strokes occur is easier for the keratin to arise to fulfill its function.

Leukonychia has different types and can also appear as a result of various diseases such as kidney disorders.

Another myth: nails of dead

On the other hand, the nails of the hands grow faster than those of our feet, approximately between two and four millimeters each month. Thus they are maintained throughout life in the absence of diseases. Hence, it has been heard that the nails continue to grow after death. Well, this is false, what happens is that visually it seems, since the flesh of the corpse shrinks and causes them to stand out more.

What white marks on nails mean about health (November 2019).