The number seven in world tennis, back in 2006, the Croatian tension Mario Ancic, retires from professional tennis suffered a few years ago by a mononucleosis that has prevented him from regaining his level.

Super Mario, as he was known in the circuit for his powerful serve, was one of the greatest promises in world tennis. However, he was a Wimbledon semifinalist, a bronze medalist in the 2004 Olympics and a Davis Cup winner in 2005. However, his rise in the fight for number 1 was stopped short when in 2007 he was diagnosed with a form severe mononucleosis

Since then, Ancic has tried to retake the tracks and participate in several competitions, but not finding a definitive treatment for his condition, coupled with his continuous back pain, it has been impossible to continue his tennis career as he would like so with Only 26 years old has decided to abandon the elite sport and dedicate himself to his other career: Law.

Source: Copywriting / Agencies

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