The motto of World Heart Day 2011 "A world, a home, a heart", wanted to highlight the responsibility that each one of us must assume to enjoy good cardiovascular health. High cholesterol, a disorder that affects four out of ten adults in Spain, is one of the main causes risk factor's to develop cardiovascular diseases. Acquire foods considered to be cardio-healthy, and thus control the amount of Saturated fats and cholesterol that gives us the daily diet is the first step to combat this condition and protect our heart.

To avoid excess cholesterol, in addition to buying the right foods and cooking them so that no unnecessary fats are added to the diet, you have to modify the lifestyle if it includes habits harmful to health such as the consumption of tobacco or alcohol, and practice moderate physical exercise regularly.

Foods to have a healthy heart

If heart-healthy foods are chosen at the time of purchase can reduce daily cholesterol intake by up to 54%, and saturated fat by 74%

If heart-healthy foods are chosen at the time of purchase, the daily intake of cholesterol can be reduced by up to 54%, and saturated fats by 74%, which decisively intervene in the appearance and increase of some of the main risk factors. to develop heart disease, such as hypercholesterolemia.

To reduce the level of cholesterol, specialists advise that the diet be balanced and include fruits and vegetables (five daily servings), legumes, nuts, whole grains, skimmed milk enriched with plant sterols, fish (especially blue) and olive oil. They recommend choosing the less fatty versions of the food. Thus, in the case of dairy products, they should always be skimmed, thus reducing the saturated fats in this group of foods by around 80%. This also happens with meat, because the lean ones contribute 20 percent less cholesterol. It is also important that the diet includes blue Fish, rich in healthy fats for the heart, such as salmon, tuna, or sardines.

A bunch of nuts A day also helps control cholesterol, and can be eaten alone, in a salad, or by including them in a recipe. Its high fiber content favors intestinal transit and combats constipation.

The way of cooking food is essential to ensure a heart-healthy diet. The ideal is to prepare them grilled, steamed, roasted or cooked. Also, never forget to use olive oil, if possible extra virgin, in our stews and dressings.

Source: NUSA Program

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