The Semen of the Spaniards It is in decline. The XXVI National Meeting of the Uroandrological Group of the Spanish Association of Urology (AEU) has recently been held in Barcelona and among its conclusions have indicated that in the last three decades there has been a progressive deterioration of the quality of Spanish sperm. Poor nutrition, high environmental pollution, the increasingly frequent stress, the use of solvents, age, increasingly late, which have children or excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco are some of the causes clear of this situation.

The consequences of this fact on sexual health can lead from erectile dysfunction to fertility problems, which, on the other hand, can be indicators of cardiovascular diseases. The experts remind the population that they should not take for granted that these pathologies are inexorable to aging, and that a professional can help them to recover the normality of their sexual functions.

Bad sperm and fertility problems

In men, having a poor semen quality is practically synonymous with infertility. A study of it in an assisted reproduction clinic or in the same urologist can help to locate the problem and find a solution to correct it, such as reconstructive surgery of the seminal pathway.

As for erectile dysfunction, leave your fears and embarrassments behind and do not hesitate to go to a specialist. There are several therapeutic options for this problem, from the least aggressive, as is the case of oral treatment (able to solve practically 70% of cases), to surgery, intracavernous injections or implant prosthesis.

Of course, if you look at the causes of the poor quality of the semen that we mentioned at the beginning you will see that almost all of them are in your hand to avoid them if you improve your healthy habits. Eat better, exercise, quit smoking and drink alcohol ... your semen and your sex life will thank you.

Source: Spanish Association of Urology (AEU)

School Board Meeting- May 28, 2019 (November 2019).