Spain is one of the seven member states that has been warned by the European health alert service for food and feed of the presence in its territory of Egyptian seeds that could be involved in the origin of the infection by 'E.coli'which has caused outbreaks in Germany and France.

As reported by the European Food Safety Agency on Wednesday, fenugreek seeds - a flowering plant measuring between one and two spans - that come from Egypt could be the source of the infection. This hypothesis, which has not yet been verified by any scientific analysis, is based on the data obtained in an investigation based on the traceability of the product.

Apparently, the seeds in question have arrived in Europe through Italy and, from there, they have been distributed to other EU states, such as Germany, Austria, Spain, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Currently the health authorities are working on trying to locate the suspected lots. This type of seeds are usually sold in herbalists and are usually used in cases where it is necessary to stimulate appetite, such as anorexia or iron deficiency anemia.


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