The Medical Association of Madrid has shown its concern about the increase in the sale of medicines over the Internet, which they consider a risk to the health of the population. Madrilenian doctors warn of the danger of acquiring medicines in this way because, as they warn, they do not pass the security controls established by the European Union.

These drugs may be inadequate for the treatment of a disease, either by not containing the active ingredient in sufficient quantity to be effective, because the quantity is excessive, or because it does not even contain it. In addition, they can be harmful to health by including a toxic component.

Eduardo Gómez-Acebo, Vocal of Non-Medical Doctors, states in a statement that in order to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of medicines, it is necessary to submit them to exhaustive controls by the competent authorities, and that acquiring them on the Internet implies taking risks over the possible damages that can cause to the health.

It is important that consumers are aware that buying drugs through the network carries many risks and encourages irresponsible self-medication and uncontrolled use of drugs.

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