Many women doubt what is the best posture to sleep when you are pregnant. Well, a study from the University of Auckland (New Zealand), published in the British Medical Journal, She states that parturients who do not rest on their left side on the night before pregnancy double the risk of their baby being born dead compared to those who do sleep on the left side.

Although we do not want to alarm anyone either, since in fact that risk is very low: the possibility that the baby is born without life among the mothers who sleep on their back or on their right side occurs in less than four of every thousand children, in front to 1.96 of each thousand among those who rest on the left side.

Another fact that has revealed this research is that there is a link between daytime naps or sleeping more day than at night when the pregnancy is already advanced and the risk of the baby dies before birth.

This increased risk may be due to the fact that when the pregnant woman lies on her back or on her right side for long periods of time, the baby's blood flow is restricted.

The truth is that the data provided by WHO about prenatal deaths are hard: every day 7,200 babies are born dead (more than two and a half million a year), something that happens especially in the developing countries.

As explained by Tomasina Stacey, one of the authors of the study, this increase in the chances of abortion can be due to the fact that when the pregnant woman lies on her back or the right side of the body for long periods of time the blood flow of the baby is restricted .

However, the results should be confirmed by new more complete studies before being able to give a general public health recommendation in this regard.


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