/ beauty-and-wellbeing / medicinal plants / contraindications-of-the-alfalfa-and-precautions-of-use After several days of doubts it seemed that finally began to glimpse the origin of the outbreak of E.coli that brings in Check the food security of half Europe, with Germany in the lead. Yesterday, Gerti Lindemann, responsible for Agriculture of Lower Saxony, announced that the focus of infection that to date has claimed the lives of 23 people seemed to be in a farm of German bean sprouts. However, the results made so far seem to question this hypothesis.

As the German authorities have just announced, 23 out of the 40 tests that were planned have been negative, indicating that the mutant strain of the bacteria has not been detected in the soybean sprouts analyzed. It remains to be seen if the rest of the tests will confirm or deny this new guilty.

The bacteria contaminated several consignments of soybean sprouts and other products destined to restaurants and wholesalers of several German states

The production of a farm in Bienenbuettel, a town near Hamburg, on which suspicion now falls, has been paralyzed while waiting for further studies to determine with certainty if it is the original source of the infection. It is suspected that the bacteria contaminated several consignments of bean sprouts, alfalfa, radish, mung beans, and arugula, marketed by this company for distribution to restaurants and wholesalers in different states such as Hamburg (the affected area), Hesse, Baja. Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein.

Until the results of the analyzes that are under way are confirmed, Lindemann has advised the citizens not to consume this type of food, although he affirms that, as a precautionary measure, all the items coming from this plantation are already being withdrawn.

They ask that the warnings stop without tests on E.coli

John Dalli

John Dalli, Commissioner of Health, has asked Germany not to disseminate more information about the origin of the 'E. coli 'that affects the Hamburg area until it does not obtain scientific evidence to support it, because it has created an unwarranted alarmism that is harming European food producers, both inside and outside the European Union, as has already happened with the accusations leveled against Spanish cucumbers.

A group of expert epidemiologists has traveled to Germany at the initiative of the community government to collaborate with the authorities of this country with the aim of identifying the origin of the outbreak as soon as possible and thus stop the transmission of the infection.

Dalli, who has again urged Germany to intensify the controls to discover the source of the infection as soon as possible, has insisted that it is an outbreak whose radius of action is limited to the Hamburg area, and which is totally unjustified prohibit the movement of food products, including the veto on community fruits and vegetables established by Russia.

The Commissioner of Health also states that he is collaborating with Dacian Ciolos, the head of Agriculture, in order to determine how farmers who have been affected by the crisis will be compensated.

Source: Agencies / Reuters / EP

E. coli outbreak caused by sprouts? (November 2019).