The nutritional deficiencies in the daily diet of young people will have as a consequence that, within 20 years, the number of people affected by osteoporosis will be multiplied by three, going from three and a half million to nine million patients, according to the coordinator. the Hispanic Foundation of Osteoporosis and Bone Metabolic Diseases (FHOEMO), Rafael Herrero.

Lack of calcium and vitamin D, sedentary lifestyle, and harmful habits, such as tobacco and alcohol, are risk factors for developing this disease, which is characterized by a decrease in bone mass, which occurs naturally from of 35 years and that, in the case of women, is aggravated by menopause, so it is vital to reach these stages of life, when the body loses its ability to form enough new bone tissue, with some bones strong and healthy

In the framework of the 'Bone Tour', which was held last week in Madrid with the aim of informing the population about healthy lifestyle habits that contribute to preventing or delaying the onset of osteoporosis, Herrero said that the current fashion of sizes Small cases have encouraged cases of anorexia, a condition that also causes the loss of bone mass.

Dr. Maria Gea Brugada, specialist in osteoporosis, has explained that this disease does not cause pain, or manifest symptoms, so it is usually detected when the patient suffers a fracture.

Meritxell Gómez, expert in nutrition, recommends that children and adolescents increase the intake of calcium and vitamin D, and that the consumption of foods rich in these nutrients also increase after 50 years, adopting the habit of walking daily, as minimum 30 minutes, in addition to not smoking and reduce alcohol consumption.

Dr. Gea points out that osteoporosis is a chronic disease and that, to treat it, it is necessary to reinforce the diet with products rich in calcium and vitamin D, take the drugs prescribed by the specialist, and walk, since practicing moderate physical exercise regularly is very important to improve the quality of life of patients.



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