Three out of four Spaniards suffer disorders related to intestinal digestion and transit, such as abdominal pain or distention, occasional or chronic constipation, heaviness after meals, gas ... All this discomfort is directly related to our way of life, because of of the rush and stress that accompany us daily and the lack of time to enjoy leisure or plan and enjoy meals. Therefore, and according to experts, introducing small changes in our daily habits, and adopt a correct hygienic-dietary guidelines could solve most of these problems.

The NUSA program, with the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation of the Digestive System (FEAD), has designed the Digestive Wellness Pyramid, which aims to advise citizens to adopt simple habits that help them improve and maintain the health of the digestive system and, with this, his general health status.

How to have good digestive health

Watching what we eat is paramount if we want to have good digestive health. As it is observed in the Pyramid, both skin and fresh vegetables should be included in the daily diet, as well as whole grains, all of them very rich in fiber, which improve intestinal transit.

Between three and four times a week, you have to eat legumes and a handful of nuts. It should also be noted that not only is it important to choose the foods in the diet, but also to know how they should be consumed; thus, when it comes to cooking, the ideal is to opt for techniques such as steam, iron, oven, or wok.

Fermented dairy products, such as yogurt and milks fermented with bifidobacteria, occupy an important place in the Pyramid, where the consumption of a couple of daily rations is recommended to avoid digestive discomfort.

The keys: an active life and respecting schedules

To avoid accumulating pounds and keeping fit, it is essential to avoid sedentary lifestyle and exercise daily. Experts recommend walking, at least, half an hour every day, because it helps improve digestion and regulate transit time.

The new pyramid insists, in addition, on the need to comply with meal times and to acquire a very healthy habit: to dedicate each day between ten or fifteen minutes after meals to go to the WC, in a relaxed atmosphere, It is the best advice to get a good intestinal transit.

Finally, another basic recommendation collected in the pyramid of digestive well-being is to drink at least two liters of water per day, eliminate or reduce stress and stop smoking.

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