He had been talking for weeks about the issue of excessive pollution in large cities, especially in the capital. One of its great negative consequences is becoming evident with the passing of the days: the allergy. 21.5% of Spaniards suffer from allergic rhinitis, of which more than 50% are allergic to pollen ... and rising, since pollution in cities triggers the possibility of suffering from allergies, even in non-predisposed populations. This is indicated by the data of the Catalan Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (SCAIC), which, in the presentation of pollen and spore levels in 2011, has predicted a "normal" year in terms of allergies.

Although there are few scientific studies on the relationship between allergies and contamination, the president of the SCAIC, Antonio Valero, has tried to explain this cause-effect relationship, affirming that pollen in areas with high levels of pollution such as large cities "expresses more of proteins described as allergenic. " Specifically, the diesel emission particles can cause, in contact with the pollen grains, the shattering of the plant, thus facilitating the arrival of these particles in the respiratory tract.

Second cause: climate change

The hand of man is not only noticed in pollution, but also in the increasingly pressing climate change, which affects the pollen calendar of the plants, as it advances or lengthens the pollination period. This is the case of the cypresses, which are this year "in maximum pollination", said Valero, who highlighted the strength and the advance over time of this phenomenon compared to previous years and has indicated that it is caused by the rains " more important than usual "in autumn.

The grasses, the banana trees of shade, the parietaria and the olive trees are other plants that cause more allergies.

Valero has expressed the importance of early diagnosis, the choice of the right drug and sunglasses to protect against pollen grains. In addition, he pointed out that from 7 to 10 in the morning should be avoided walks and ventilation in homes, because it is the time when the air contains more particles.


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