Asthma and obesity are two growing problems in childhood. Well, a study of International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC) has now revealed the existence of a connection between both problems in the case of children. Adopt the dietary guidelines of the Mediterranean diet and exercising regularly are the keys to managing this pathology.

Apparently, the data investigated have revealed that asthma and body weight gain develop in parallel, especially during puberty, which is a stage in which it grows and matures rapidly. The increase in cases of obesity has its origin in an imbalance between the intake of calories and the shortage in the expenditure of energy that is due to a lack of exercise. In this way, patients with asthma who lose weight also get better control of the disease.

Patients with asthma who lose weight also get better control of the disease

In opinion of the experts, to fight against the excess of weight, there is no way to spread the advantages of the Mediterranean diet between children and young people, because it is a food that allows to get a good contribution of antioxidants, thanks to that it provides an optimal balance between foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, helping to prevent obesity and reduce the prevalence of asthma.

If the practice of physical exercise is added to a regular diet, the children's quality of life improves, especially if they have an asthmatic disorder. When playing sports, the lungs expand, and this prevents future problems in the airways. Of course, physical activity has to adapt to the child's abilities and tastes. Practicing exercise does not cure asthma, but it does help patients manage their illness better.


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