World Day Against Cancer and experts point out that although the rate of mortality of this disease, this year is expected to increase the number of people affected by some type of cancer in Spain, which will be more than two hundred thousand, while in 2006 the pathology was detected in 187,500 patients, about 20,000 fewer than expected diagnose throughout 2012.

The specialists also wanted to draw attention to a worrying fact, and that the incidence of cancer is increasing significantly in the case of women, and although this year it is estimated that a greater number of new cases will be detected in men, than will be around 104,800 compared to the 103,400 expected in women, this difference is much lower than that recorded in 2006, when there were 100,600 new cancer diagnoses for men and only 86,900 for women.

The new treatments and the attention given to cancer patients in our country have made possible a reduction in mortality, despite the fact that the number of patients diagnosed continues to increase

On the occasion of the launch of the campaign 'How are you going about your thing? Mine is called cancer, specialists from the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM) have disclosed these and other data that reflect the evolution of cancer in Spain, and have highlighted that the new treatments available and the good care given to the Oncology patients in our country have made possible a decrease in mortality, although the number of patients diagnosed continues to increase.

According to information released by this Society, in 2012 colon cancer will continue to lead in number of affected, followed by prostate, breast and lung cancer, all of which have increased their incidence compared to the data of the year 2006. On the other hand, stomach cancer, the next most frequent, is the only one that tends to decrease in comparison with the cases registered in 2006, since if the predicted estimates are met, it will go from 8,100 affected to 7,500.

It is expected that all cancers, together, are the cause of the death of more than one hundred thousand people this year in Spain. Lung cancer, although fourth in incidence, will continue to cause the most deaths (around 20,000), while colon cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer are the next most lethal. Juan Jesús Cruz, president of the SEOM, affirms that this shows that cancer is still a serious and difficult disease to treat, but that it is necessary to lose the fear and face it because the increase of the life expectancy of the patients and, even, of the cure rates, they are proof that it is possible to fight it successfully.

Cancer Incidence and Mortality Through 2020 (November 2019).