Experts warn that the flu is a disease that can be deadly for some people, such as elderly people with associated pathologies or people with a weakened immune system. It is estimated that between 250,000 and 400,000 people die each year worldwide due to complications derived from influenza, figures that in Spain range between 1,400 and 4,000 deaths per year.

The administration of the flu vaccine can save many lives and, in addition, decreases the number of sick leave and hospital admissions, as well as visits to the emergency room and to the doctor's office who, at the time of outbreaks of seasonal flu, are seen saturated frequency.

The administration of the vaccine could reduce mortality by half as a result of influenza and its associated complications

As every year, the Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SEGG) has presented the campaign of vaccination against influenza and pneumococcus, to raise awareness among the population of the convenience of getting the vaccine and avoid the serious health problems that can get to cause both flu and pneumococcal disease. And, as explained Primitivo Ramos, president of the Madrid Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology, the administration of the vaccine could reduce mortality by half as a result of influenza and its associated complications, as well as reduce the rate by 30% of hospital admissions and 41% of sick leave.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the vaccination rate of the population reaches 75%, while in Spain last year slightly exceeded 60%, so in our country we are still far from reaching the rate appropriate

Therefore, from the SEGG insist on vaccination especially those considered at risk groups, such as people over 60 years, or younger than this age but with some chronic pathology-cardiovascular, kidney, liver, respiratory diseases ... - or immunosuppressed, as well as pregnant women. Also relatives and professionals who work in contact with these people should be vaccinated to avoid contracting and transmitting the virus.

Luis Salleras, member of the committee of vaccines of the SEGG, has advised that the vaccine against the flu is administered preferably during the month of October, to anticipate between two and three weeks at the beginning of the circulation of the virus.

Both the flu vaccine and the one that protects against pneumococcus are considered safe and well tolerated, and specialists explain that, in addition, the influenza vaccines used in Spain can not cause the disease, as is sometimes feared, since they do not contain the live virus.

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