They say that love finds no barriers but ways, and the discovery of surgical gloves, used today in consultations and operating rooms, proves it. Apparently, his finding was motivated by the love felt by an American doctor by a fellow nurse who had an outbreak of dermatitis.

The subject in question was William StewartHalsted(1852-1922), an American doctor who is considered one of the main precursors of modern surgery. But this story would not be told if it were not for Carolina Hampton, the doctor's surgery partner who had stolen his heart.

William defended the asepsis in the operating rooms, applying anesthesia with morphine and an antiseptic liquid created by Joseph Lawrence Lister. One day, her surgical assistant, the aristocrat Carolina Hampton, was incapacitated because she suffered from a dermatitis, which was increased by these antiseptics that were used in the past.

Fine gloves that do not impede precise work

For this reason, Halsted asked a well-known firm that manufactured rubber articles and tires for vehicles, to design some rubber gloves, from the mold of the hands of the nurse, that were thin enough to allow him to do a precise job inside the operating room. Shortly after both toilets were married.

This was the beginning of the use of rubber gloves. Being, for the end of the XIX century, its obligatory use for all surgeons and nurses. Currently, the use of surgical gloves is a great process in surgical asepsis, ensuring high safety for the patient and the surgeon.

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