A study by the University of Barcelona reveals that the caffeine has greater impact on men. The duration of its effect is between two and three hours, depending on the age, metabolism and sensitivity of the individual, and the activity of both sexes improves with coffee consumption, although in men it has a greater impact.

Caffeine acts very quickly, its effect is appreciated only ten minutes after consumption. Although it is necessary to spend three quarters of an hour to achieve the maximum concentration in blood, within a few minutes of the intake has already reached half of that concentration. Normally, the effect fades after two or three hours, but can last for four or five hours, depending on the sensitivity of the consumer and the amount of time needed to metabolize the substance, which depends above all on their age and conditions. physical

The study involved 668 university students (238 males and 450 females), with an average age of 22 years. To verify the effects of caffeine, the researchers took samples ten, twenty and thirty minutes after their intake, both mid-morning and afternoon.

The clinical trials were conducted with caffeine doses higher than usual, comparing the effects of espresso coffee and decaffeinated espresso, with 100 and 5 mg of caffeine, respectively.

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