The IV IVI International Congress has gathered over three days to over 1,000 national and international experts in assisted reproduction to assess the present and future state of this discipline. One conclusion seems to summarize above all seen and heard in the meeting: the challenge in the field of assisted reproduction is to humanize the treatments to make life more comfortable for the patient, as pointed out by Professor Antonio Pellicer, President of IVI, one of the leading medical institutions in this field.

According to this expert, to achieve this we must try to match the process as much as possible to the natural conception. This can be achieved in two ways, on the one hand, bypassing the ovarian hyperstimulation, which has almost disappeared with the new drugs, and on the other, trying to avoid multiple pregnancies, for which it would be necessary to increase the capacity to evaluate embryos in a non-invasive way, in order to transfer embryo more prepared to give to light a healthy baby.

On the other hand, it is necessary to try to reduce the levels of stress that appear in the patient during the therapy, mainly due to the medication used. Therefore, Pellicer advocates moving from daily injections to taking oral drugs. The president of IVI also highlights the advantages of vitrification compared to other techniques, since the woman does not have to go through more than one ovarian stimulation process.

The future of assisted reproduction is in stem cells

During the congress, a lot has also been said about the applications in assisted reproduction of stem cells grown in the laboratory. Dr. Renée Reijo, of the University of Stanford and a great expert in the creation of artificial gametes from pluripotent stem cells has ensured that a great distance has been advanced "in the creation of ovules and artificial sperm"Although it has been clarified that there is still a need to continue researching to obtain more quality gametes, this milestone would make donation unnecessary since gametes could be created in those people who do not have them.

Source: IVI Medical Institution

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