While checking if the Bacillus licheniformis, a bacterium present in various species of terrestrial and aquatic algae, could be used to clean the hulls of ships, a group of researchers from the University of Newcastle (United Kingdom) has discovered by chance that this microorganism is able to prevent plaque Bacterial accumulates in the interdental areas, thus preventing the development of caries.

Taking advantage of the finding, scientists have developed a toothpaste It contains enzymes from algae microbes, and in laboratory tests has been effective in protecting the teeth against caries.

Scientists have developed a toothpaste with enzymes from algae microbes, which in laboratory tests has proved effective in protecting the teeth from decay

Brushing the teeth is an effective measure to prevent the appearance of decay, however, there are areas between the teeth that can not be brushed and where bacteria accumulate, forming plaques that erode the tooth enamel and promote tooth decay.

According to the authors of the research, and according to the results obtained in the laboratory tests, enzymes of algae microbes have the ability to cross the layers of harmful bacteria and eliminate them, and can also prevent the plate from accumulating dental origin that cause the oral problems described.

The activity of these enzymes could also be used to make mouthwashes and products to clean dentures. In addition, researchers believe that its use could even be extended to the cleaning of medical implants - such as artificial hips - that are also susceptible to being infected by biofilms.

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