The Spanish Society of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine (SERMEF) states that swimming gently, and non-competitively, can reduce chronic back pain, and reduce the degree of disability of people with low back pain. The practice of swimming, in addition, improves the quality of life of those affected by this disorder.

In fact, a study conducted in Taiwan, and published in Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, reveals that swimming is very beneficial for the elderly. One of the reasons why the moderate practice of swimming is good for older people is because, it is an exercise that helps significantly improve coordination and balance, which shows its ability to prevent falls , frequent and dangerous in this sector of the population, as indicated by Dr. Francisca Carrión Pérez, member of SERMEF.

And it is not only beneficial for the elderly, since it is also proven that swimming is the only sport that plays a preventive role in the appearance of back pain in children and relieves those who already have it, adds the Dr. Carrión. Even in patients with fibromyalgia, it has achieved a relief of all the symptoms of the disease.

Recover injuries

Our stay in the Beach It can be used to swim and improve our back problems, but also to recover from other injuries such as a sprained ankle. And the simple fact of walking on the beach and walk on the sand, forcing the foot to adapt to different terrains and situations of imbalance, makes the joint is placed correctly and favors people who have ankle injuries. The expert explains that it is an activity that serves to reeducate proprioception, and facilitates the rehabilitation of a sprained ankle in its final stage.

However, Dr. Carrión warns that it is always necessary to consult a specialist, as it is the most appropriate to recommend the most appropriate therapy to achieve the desired objectives in each patient.


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