Experts do not tire of insisting that the population take extreme precautions when it comes to sunbathing, however, moderate exposure to the sun may promote cardiovascular health and help stimulate the immune system. The solar rays also facilitate rest, protect against depression and increase sexual desire.

Dr. Juan Luján, of the Cardiology Service of the Hospital USP San Jaime de Torrevieja, in Alicante, explained that our cardiovascular health can benefit from sunbathing, provided we do it in a moderate way and adopting precautions. According to this expert, controlled sun exposure favors the vasodilation of superficial blood vessels improving blood circulation and reducing blood pressure levels.

A controlled exposure to the sun favors the vasodilatation of superficial blood vessels improving blood circulation and reducing blood pressure levels

Sun rays are also needed to synthesize vitamin D in the body, a micronutrient that helps improve the cholesterol profile, helping to increase the levels of good versus harmful cholesterol. Dr. Luján explains that in summer physical activity is usually increased and, due to the heat, we tend to consume more fruits and vegetables (salads, fruit salads, juices, cold soups ...), and that all these factors contribute to a decrease in the incidence of cardiovascular diseases at this time of year.

The specialist highlights that sunlight influences hormones and improves our mood, and that exposure to ultraviolet rays stimulates the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with the sensation of wellbeing and which is also involved in the regulation of sleep, body temperature and sexual behavior of individuals.

In spite of all the advantages that the sun can bring, it is not necessary to let your guard down - because it can also cause an abrupt decrease in tension or a faint-heartedness - and use the adequate protection for each type of skin, avoiding always the hours of greatest intensity light (11.00 to 16.00).

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