Specialists warn that solar radiation is more harmful to the eyes than to the skin, so they affect the need to protect them using appropriate sunglasses. And is that although we are increasingly aware of the need to apply sunscreen creams, we sometimes forget to take measures to prevent the eyes from being damaged, and the cornea is 300 times more sensitive to solar radiation than the skin.

The skin has the natural protection provided by the melanin, but the cornea and lens lack the means to defend themselves against ultraviolet radiation. In the case of children, exposing themselves to the sun without eye protection is even more dangerous, because their lens is still developing, and it is essential that they get used to wearing sunglasses.

To protect the health of the eyes, wear sunglasses that have at least one category 3 filter while staying outdoors, and especially between 12.00 and 16.00 hours

During spring and summer the number of hours we spend exposed to sunlight increases, and it is common to go to the beach, the mountain or the pool, which are areas of greater irradiation, where you can triple the normal ultraviolet index. Therefore, experts explain that in order to protect the health of the eyes, it is necessary to wear sunglasses continuously when staying outdoors -especially between 12.00 and 16.00 hours-, and to choose those that have at least one filter. Category 3

To choose a suitable sunglasses should not only follow aesthetic criteria, because if they do not have the necessary filters the ultraviolet radiation will reach the retina and can cause injuries, from burns - keratitis - to photophobia. In the long term, the damage could lead to more serious pathologies such as premature cataracts, and even macular degeneration, which causes irreversible loss of vision. Specialists advise that sunglasses are acquired in specialized establishments, such as opticians, where you can obtain guarantees that they meet the quality standards.

What Happens When You Stare At The Sun For Too Long (November 2019).