The techniques of assisted reproduction are a resource increasingly used when looking for a baby. Only in our country, three out of every hundred children come to the world through these techniques, according to data provided in a meditation session on human reproduction, organized by Merck in Cuenca.

This type of treatments is increasingly perfected and its success rates are increasing, however there are many couples who after months of attempts do not reach their goal and that means a wear on them that derives in numbers cases in anxiety pictures and psychological stress that ultimately cause the abandonment of fertility treatment of about one in three couples who undergo them.

The vast majority of these dropouts and that stress is caused by the great social pressure They feel around them couples in the process of looking for the baby. This, together with the stress that usually causes the therapy itself, makes the role of fertility professionals vital to help them, as Dr. Alfonso de la Fuente, medical director of the European Fertility Institute (IEF), points out. He points out that they should be able to give their support and provide couples with truthful information and quality of the process they undergo to know the reality of it.

Among our related topics you will find information about what stress is, what causes it and, above all, how to learn to control it.

Stress and Infertility - Understanding the Connection (November 2019).