Exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic floor are increasingly recommended by experts, not only to recover that area of ​​the body after pregnancy and childbirth, or to prevent the occurrence of urinary incontinence, but also to address and solve sexual disorders and thus improve the quality of sexual relations.

Women go through conditions and stages of life in which these muscles can suffer and deteriorate. This occurs during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, but also during menopause. Also the obesity, and even the frequent practice of some sports, like the running, contribute to weaken this musculature.

But the muscles that make up the pelvic floor can be exercised and toned like any other muscle group in the body. In fact, in our country there are more and more centers that specialize in physiotherapy of the pelvic floor. And it is that childbirth and postpartum recovery are easier when the pelvic floor is in good condition, and also improves the intensity and quality of orgasm.

Delivery and postpartum recovery are easier when the pelvic floor is in good condition, and also improves the intensity and quality of orgasm

Conversely, when the pelvic floor muscles are weakened, disorders such as prolapses, which consist of the abdominal organs coming off, and various sexual dysfunctions, such as feeling pain during penetration, can occur. In addition, urinary incontinence, which is estimated to affect 45% of women at some point in their lives, is one of the most frequent and annoying consequences related to the weakness of the pelvic muscles.

Therefore, specialists recommend that all women, although they are healthy and do not present any of the problems described, are accustomed to perform exercises to work the muscles of the pelvic floor and thus prevent the onset of these problems. Exercising the pelvic floor, according to experts, also favors the correction of posture, so it prevents or improves back pathologies such as scoliosis.

Kegel exercises and hypopressive abdominals are the most effective in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, but there are also a series of devices, such as vaginal cones, that the doctor can recommend according to the patient's needs. Information and knowledge of the body are essential; For this reason, in some centers, such as the San José Hospital in Madrid, courses for women are already taught in order to learn how to keep this important part of their anatomy in shape.

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