Unlike other practices that are performed outdoors, to be able to fishing It is necessary to have a license. Therefore, this step is essential to start with your new hobby, but you should know that if you are already retired or over 65 you have a series of advantages. To acquire this license you must follow these steps:

  1. To fulfill some basic requirements: to have the DNI in force, to be a Spanish citizen or resident, and that before you have not been disqualified to fish for any sanction.
  2. Know what type of fishing license you want: you can request an autonomous fishing license, which will only allow you to fish in the corresponding Autonomous Community, and whose period of validity goes from one to five years (depending on the Autonomous Community); or the inter-regional license, which authorizes fishing in the Autonomous Communities adhering to a specific agreement (today Aragón, Asturias, Castillas and León, Valencia, Extremadura, Galicia and Madrid) with a validity of one year. You should also know that there are fishing reserves in which it is necessary to have a specific permit.
  3. Arrange and fill in the necessary documentation: you can find it in the post offices, in fishing federations, fishing departments of your Autonomous Community, as well as in the web of some of them, and in entities of the Local Administration.
  4. Go to the place of issuance or process it electronically: in each Autonomous Community there are offices or Fisheries Ministries where you can process the license; as well as in some banks and banks, and via Internet, although in this way it entails a management cost.
  5. Specific documents for the elderly: people over 65, as well as those over 60 years of age who are retired, and who have a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33% are exempt from paying the regional fishing license fee, but not the interautonomic license, which has a general price of 25 euros. To be able to prove these circumstances it is necessary that you present the resolution of the National Institute of Social Security in which you indicate that you are retired, or the disability certificate. If you opt for the interautonomic license you will have to present the proof of payment of the fee along with the documentation.

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