A study carried out by the Superior Council of Sports (CSD) shows that promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyle guidelines among workers, not only benefits their health status and emotional balance, but also decreases the number of work absences and their duration, and contributes to increase productivity, which results in a clear benefit for companies and for society in general.

The research included about 90% of the staff of Mahou-San Miguel, and the data revealed that workers who participated in a program promoted by the company, which aimed to promote physical activity and sports among the employees, had better health and were more motivated and with a more positive attitude towards their work compared to those who did not follow the program.

94% of the employees who participated in the program to encourage physical activity acknowledged that their state of health and physical condition had improved

The cost-benefit ratio of the program to encourage the practice of physical activity among employees was clearly positive since, while in 2010, the company invested 220,842 euros in this initiative, it posted profits of 635,891 euros associated with higher productivity and lower absenteeism of its workers.

Employees who participated in the program also rated it positively, and 94% acknowledged that they had noticed that their health and physical condition had improved, while 71% said they were more motivated to perform their work, and 42 % stated that drug use had decreased.

The employees of Mahou-San Miguel have at their disposal 'health workshops', in which they can carry out activities such as body balance and pilates, among others, and also receive financial aid to go to the gym or to practice sports on their own. Another initiative that the company has developed to encourage physical activity is the 'Club de la Huelita' (Hiking Club), where workers interested in hiking are oriented, and information campaigns on postural education have also been carried out.

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