Save the Children has released its traditional ranking of the best countries to be a mother. Spain has risen one place compared to the previous year and is now ranked 12 out of a list of 164 countries analyzed by the organization.

We are still in a lower echelon to countries like France and Germany, however, and although it may be surprising to some, we consider ourselves a better place to bring a baby to the world than the United Kingdom and Switzerland. The high life expectancy of women in the skin of bull -84 years, only French and Japanese live longer- is according to the organization, one of our points in favor, together with our low mortality rate of children under five (only four per thousand).

On the negative side, we find that Spanish women earn almost half of what men earn. And as for a fundamental reason that matters to us all, as it is the length of maternity leave, still leaves much to be desired regarding more advanced countries in this regard. Thus, in Spain it is a period of 16 weeks, while the neighboring Italy is given 20 weeks, and far above are the lucky English and Danish, who can enjoy 52 weeks of leave.

The best, Norway, the worst, Afghanistan

Norway, Australia and Iceland are the best countries in the world to bring a child to the world, according to this particular list. It is worth noting that among the first ten countries, eight are European, while eight of the last ten are in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The worst place in the world to be a mother is Afghanistan, where one in five children lose their lives before their fifth birthday

The worst place in the world to be a mother is Afghanistan, where one in five children dies before the age of five, and 40% suffers from malnutrition. In addition, the life expectancy of Afghan mothers is 45 years and they do not reach on average five years of schooling. The differences regarding the best place, Norway, are abysmal: only one of every 333 children dies before the age of five in the Nordic country, while the Norwegians reach 83 years of life on average and their level of schooling is excellent .

According to Save the Children, approximately 350,000 mothers lose their lives every year in the world due to complications arising from pregnancy or childbirth and more than 8 million children do not reach the age of five.

As soon as to the well-being of children, Spain is also twelfth in this classification, Sweden is paradise: almost all small Swedish people enjoy good health and a high quality education; while Somalia, where one in six children dies before reaching the age of five, is in the last place.

Source: Save the children / EP

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