A study published in 'Ibero-Latin American Plastic Surgery' shows that certain fillings used in aesthetic treatments, such as liquid silicone, paraffin and biopolymers, are not biocompatible, that is, that the body is not capable of to reabsorb them and, in the long run, cause adverse reactions, which can manifest up to 25 years after their implantation.

The most characteristic symptoms presented by the patient affected by the rejection of the implant are pain, erythema, infections, hypertrophied scars that are known as keloids, skin necrosis, fistulas ... Felipe Coiffman, author of the research and professor of Plastic Surgery of the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Colombia, calls this disorder Iatrogenic alogenosis, and warns that more and more people are affected in Latin America, because there the use of these substances is not subject to a strict enough regulation.

Javier de Benito, plastic surgeon and director of the Benito Institute (Barcelona) explains that when tissues lose weight and age, these products that are not biocompatible are increasingly appreciated, and a kind of balls (granulomas) are formed. In addition to the inconvenience that the appearance of these deformities represents, with the passage of time another more serious phenomenon occurs, and that is that the immune system of some patients rejects this 'strange' material, which becomes encyst and infected.

As explained by the Head of Dermatology Clinical Hospital San Carlos of Madrid, Eduardo López Bran, in these cases the treatment is aimed at reducing inflammation, since a surgical intervention is only effective when the problem is very localized, and is often quite complicated to clean the area.

It is important to clarify that these substances are no longer used in Spain because, as explained by Benito's doctor, their use has been banned by European health authorities, so the fillings that are used are always biocompatible and are considered safe, as is the case of hyaluronic acid.

The dermatologist of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital warns that to perform any intervention plastic surgery It is essential to go to approved medical centers that have accredited health professionals specialized in dermatology and plastic surgery.

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