What parents are not worried about their child getting head lice? If this is the case, some doubts usually appear and not a few urban legends about home remedies to end them. In order to shed light and clear up the unknowns about the infestation, the information center on pediculosis was born.

Anyone who wishes can use their website, Infopiojos.com, to consult questions, advice, news, and access educational materials on these small and unpleasant enemies: lice. Dermatologists, pediatricians, pharmacists, teachers and parents participate in this center.

At the head of the project are doctors Carlos Marina, pediatrician, professor at the European University of Madrid and honorary president of the Pediatric Society of Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha; and Aurora Guerra, head of the Dermatology Section of Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid and coordinator of the Working Group for Sensitive Skin Research, of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venerology.

Dr. Marina points out that they intend to collaborate with the parents and educators of the children so that they learn to prevent the appearance of lice, and to treat the problem when necessary. They also want to eliminate the prejudices and false myths that have been created about this infection, which is not at all related to the lack of personal hygiene, and that can also affect adults, so it is very important to detect the affected individuals for start the treatment as soon as possible and prevent others from catching it.

It is necessary to resort to a health professional to successfully combat these parasites

The doctor José Luis Bonal, president of SEPEAP, warns that it is necessary to resort to a health professional to successfully fight these parasites because, as he says, although formerly used certain home remedies, such as vinegar, can now be found in pharmacies effective and well tolerated products, which give off a pleasant smell, and which serve both to prevent and treat pediculosis.

The Pediculosis Information Center will provide updated information on lice to pharmacies and schools and will provide educational materials to teachers, in order to resolve all your doubts. The war against lice has only just begun, the weapons are in your territory.

Source: SEPAP

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